DAISEP Technology


Antibody manufacturing has undergone major productivity improvements with increasing titers and high cell densities. Due to the resultant increased levels of process- and product-related contaminant like host cell proteins (HCPs) and other impurities the production bottleneck has shifted to downstream operations. Unfortunately, the current solutions are complex and cumbersome. To address this issue, DAICEL introduced DAISEP technology to enhance midstream and downstream operations.

DAISEP technology specifically addresses the removal of different contaminant populations with various characteristics from a biological sample. DAISEP technology is utilizing multimodal interactions between the media and the protein thus allowing for a wide range of applicability.

MabXpure is the world’s first single-use, disposable resin for bioprocess purification dedicated to the mAb industry. This DAISEP technology-based depletion media features a high selectivity for product and process related contaminant such as host-cell proteins (HCPs), DNA, and other impurities while maintaining high mAB recovery.



Adapts to your process needs and mAb sample characteristics


No cleaning validation required with this innovative low cost multimodal chemistry


Outstanding HCPs and contaminant removal efficiency with high mAb recovery in flowthrough mode


Easy implementation in purification platform


DAISEP MabXpure adapts to your process needs and sample characteristics, and is utilized under flowthrough mode at various contact times and mix ratios. During midstream or downstream operations, DAISEP MabXpure can be combined with existing technologies for harvest clarification steps or polishing purpose within the purification platform.

DAISEP MabXpure is designed for single-use, combining innovative modified silica with multimodal size exclusion anion exchange chemistries for improved scavenging properties at a low cost. DAISEP MabXpure helps streamline the process development and the production of biomolecules.

DAISEP MabXpure exhibits outstanding depletion of HCPs and contaminant with high mAb recovery thanks to its specific and multimodal selectivity. DAISEP MabXpure can be mixed with a biological sample and easily filtered off, or used with ready to use formats.

DAISEP MabXpure can boost your current purification operations and efficiently optimize your sample preparation steps. DAISEP MabXpure can be used as a stand-alone technology or used in combination with chelating agents.

DAISEP MabXpure streamlines, simplifies, and secures your process platform.